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Lesson 10.4: The Caret When Used as a Hat and the Partial Derivative Symbol


hat over previous item

partial derivative


There are indicators in UEB that apply to the item appearing just before or after the indicator. Braille grouping indicators must be used to enclose an expression that includes more than one item.


The caret symbol is used in print for a variety of reasons. It is used to show that a number is being raised to a power and it is also used in statistics. A variable with a caret is used to distinguish it from other variables and to give it special meaning. In braille, the hat over previous item, dot five, dots one five six is used.

The partial derivative symbol in print resembles a rounded lower-case letter d. In braille this symbol is represented by dot four, dots one four five.

Follow print for spacing.

Example 1

q hat

Example 2

p hat

Example 3

y hat equals 18.5+12.9x

Example 4

a fraction with numerator x hat and denominator y hat

Example 5

square root of a fraction with numerator x hat and denominator y hat

Example 6

partial derivative of t

Example 7

a fraction with a numerator of partial derivitive of f and denominator of partial derivative of x

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