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Lesson 1.3: Plus and Minus





Signs of operation are formed with two cells, a prefix and a root. In UEB a prefix is a braille character that has only right-hand dots. The root is any of the 56 braille characters which is not a prefix. Signs of operation use a dot five prefix.

The plus sign is formed with a dot five prefix in the first cell and dots two three five in the second cell. The minus sign is formed with a dot five prefix in the first cell and dots three six in the second cell.

There is no space between the numerals and the sign of operation. An exception is made with very young children when they are introduced to operations. A space can be left before and after the sign of operation while they are learning the symbols.

The sign of operation terminates numeric mode. The numeric indicator is required before the numeral that follows the sign of operation. Numeric mode is also terminated by a space.

Example 1


Example 1

(With spacing for young children)


Example 2


Example 2

(With spacing for young children)


Example 3


Example 4


The sign of operation is used whenever the symbol appears in print. Print spacing should be followed when isolated signs of operation appear in a literary text.

Example 5


Example 6


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