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Lesson 6.6: More Radicals


In braille, the level change up indicator is used to identify the item that follows as being in the superscript position. The extent of the level change up indicator is the next item. Braille grouping indicators must be used to enclose an expression that includes more than one item.


In a cube or higher level radical, the radical index is printed as a smaller number above and to the left of the radical sign, in the crook of the radical. This index is placed in braille as a superscript expression immediately following the opening radical symbol.

Example 1

Cube root of 27

Example 2

m root of 27 equals 3

Example 3

The sum of m+n root of 27

Example 4

4 plus the cube root of 27

Example 5

5 cube root of 27

Example 6

Cube root of one-eighth

A nested radical is composed of two or more radicals where one or more is embedded in another. When the symbols are nested in braille, they must be closed or terminated in the reverse order in which they were opened. It is essential to identify which numerals appear under the radical sign in the nested expression.

Example 7

The square root of the sum of the square root of 27 plus 6

Example 8

The square root of the difference 5 minus 2 square root of 5

Example 9

The square root of the cube root of 8000

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