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Lesson 6.2: Bars and Dots Over


bar over previous item

dot over previous item


There are indicators in UEB that apply to the item appearing just before or after the indicator. An item is defined as any one of the following groupings if they appear in the position affected by the indicator:


Modifier symbols such as the horizontal bar and repeating dots can appear above an item. The symbol for bar over previous item is formed with dots one five six. The symbol must be in grade 1 mode because it also has a grade 2 meaning.

The symbol for dot over previous item is formed with two cells; dots four five in the first cell and dots two five six in the second cell. The bar over and dot over symbols affect the previous item.

Braille grouping indicators are required when the modifier extends beyond a single item, or when the modifier is applied to a single digit within a numeral. Grade 1 indicators are needed unless grade 1 mode is already in effect. The opening braille grouping indicator is dots one two six and the closing braille grouping indicator is dots three four five. The grouping indicators turn off numeric mode, therefore the numeric indicator is required with any numeral that follows a grouping indicator.

Example 1


Example 2


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