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Lesson 6.0: Ordered Pairs


The standing alone rule states that a letter or unbroken sequence of letters is standing alone if the symbols before and after the letter or sequence are spaces, hyphens, or dashes. A letter or unbroken sequence of letters is also standing alone when certain common punctuation symbols intervene between the letter or letters-sequence and the preceding and/or following space, hyphen or dash. The round parentheses and the comma are included in the list of certain common symbols.


An ordered pair is a pair of numbers used to locate a point on the coordinate plane. Ordered pairs typically have the following form: open parenthesis, x-coordinate, comma, space, y-coordinate, close parenthesis. The x-coordinate describes the horizontal orientation and the y-coordinate describes the vertical orientation. Ordered pairs can have numbers, letters, expressions, or other mathematical symbols. All symbols are brailled as they appear in print.

Example 1


A grade 1 indicator is used with the letters in Example 2 because the letters meet the criteria for standing alone. The letters need to be distinguished from their grade 2 meaning.

Example 2


Example 3


Example 4


Example 5


Example 6


Example 7


Example 8

How do you plot the point57?

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