UEB Math Tutorial
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Instructions for using the UEB Math Tutorial

The UEB Math Tutorial is designed to be used by both sighted and visually impaired users.


Use Symbolic Math

This setting will display the mathematical expressions using symbols and will be displayed just as they would be in print. By turning this off each of the expressions will be written out to be better understood for visually impaired users.

Use 6 Dot Entry

This option is if a Braille display keyboard is not available. It will allow a standard qwerty keyboard to enter Braille in the exercise sections.



In the writing section a mathematical expressions is presented and the user will enter the equivalent expression using Braille. If the correct Braille is entered the exercise will display "correct".


The Reading section contains mathematical expressions written in Braille. Once the expression is read the user can check to see if the answer is correct, by clicking the "answer" link.


The proofreading section displays a mathematical expression and a Braille answer, which is incorrect. The Braille answer will need to be corrected.

Using with a screen reader




Once the Braille display is set up it should output the Unicode Braille Correctly.

To input Braille using the Braille display select the menu Preferences->Braille Settings. For the "Input Table" select "English (U.S.) 6 dot computer braille".


To set up Braille for use with iOS, enter the Braille settings menu under General->Accessibility->Voice Over->Braille. Under the "Output" menu select "Uncontracted Eight-dot Braille". This option turns on "Eight-dot Braille", which allows unicode Braille used in the lessons to display correctly. You can view the lessons with "Contracted Braille" turned on, but Unicode Braille will show up on the Braille display as dots four five six followd by dots two five six.

To input Braille using a Braille display select "Uncontracted Eight-dot Braille" under the "Input" menu. If you use a refreshable braille display with no input keys, use the Six key entry mode with your QWERTY keyboard by checking the Six Key Input button on the home screen.